The Greatest L♥ve Of All…

I want to reflect on the life of a very influential artist,
“Whitney Houston”
Gone to soon, we don’t know her problems we only knew she struggled as many do
So may she find peace in the arms of angels.

She had many hits that stuck out with me I remember being so young and so in ♥ when

You Give Good Love came out

Then I also remember going through some rough stuff when

Exhale came out, so many emotions
Love takes you through so much.

It’s not as important how to love as it is who you LOVE.
The GREATEST L♥VE OF ALL is learning to love Yourself.

No matter what they take from you they can’t take away your dignity, your self worth.
When you love

Love openly, honestly
love endlessly with out abandone

take care not to loose yourself while loving others

know yourself, don’t look for someone else to complete you

you should be whole on your own, and just remember only fools rush in…

Have a very Happy Valentines Day


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2012 The Clean Slate….


Happy New Year everyone,

I have been thinking over the last few days what my New Year would be like.

Coming to the realization that the year has changed, it’s 2012
But then I thought it’s a chance for a new start, a clean slate
Yet I am urged to bring to your attention that if you have not changed, or aren’t willing
To change
Your Walk, Your Talk, Your Attitude, that this is just a date a passage of time.

It does not mark anything crucial in your life because as the song goes, shall old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind.

We need to understand that an acquaintance isn’t just people who you may or may not like to remember.
They’re places and things as well, frames of mind.

So I make no promises to you, but to myself to be the change I desire in my own life
To give even when I feel don’t have, time is sometimes more valuable than money,
there is always someone out there less fortunate.

Most pray and ask God to give them this or that and to take away their troubles,
next time you think to ask for something
Ask yourself what have you given to anyone, are you deserving of what you desire?
If not then please just make a mental note to do better, to be better.

Positivity, Peace and Prosperity to you all this year and the next…
Discipline =equals= Success






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Happy Holidays…

As Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and New Years approach I want to wish everyone a a very safe and
Happy Holiday…

2011 has been a very tough year for most of us,
may the New Year bring success and great blessings upon you and your families.


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Casting Shadows…

You were given a gift / talent.
What is it, how do you use it?

My gift is seeing “Photography

I lost my Dad 21 yrs ago to a brain tumor, but before he returned to the essence we spent countless hours together.
He’d had an operation to remove the tumor which affected his sight.
Some days he could see, some days he only saw shadows and there were days he saw nothing at all.
On those days he would say you never really know what it is to have sight until you don’t have it.
Even then I don’t think I viewed the world as closely as I do now
What I mean is, I love the outdoors I guess you could call me a country girl although I was raised in NYC, Brooklyn.
I always made time to stop and smell the roses so to speak but the roses smell a little rosier now
and the sun shines a bit brighter since I started using a camera
Colors are more vivid
I get closer to bugs, spiders, dirt, worms, people.
I tend to search any and every angle just to get the right shot to allow me to show you what I saw.
I’ve found interest in things that I or you or anyone else may not have noticed in the past.
Things are a lot more challenging, people are a lot more interesting to me there expressions intoxicating.
I think out of all the things I like about seeing anew is children, they are honest, inquisitive, funny, inspiring, “Forever Young”
With pictures I get to tell a story, your story my story anybodies story from the beginning or the middle even the end and hold the viewers interest.
Almost like a writer, only I’m no writer Lol.

So I say to you, what is your gift / talent? How do you use it?
If your unsure of what it is challenge yourself to find it, embrace what you were given and then share it with the world if you can.
Stay encouraged & inspired by others around you.

Now whenever I see shadows I remember what it was like for him not to see & I can smile a little wider
because he taught me to see and now I’m teaching you…


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Just enjoying the last of some summer fun with my granddaughter Ms. Monnie

Being a kid is such an adveture,
while she didn’t know I was photographing her on most of these she was just be herself O’natural
you can’t get better shots than the candid.

I believe she thought she was all alone at times on her adventure through the trails in NC.


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